Client Portal Features and Setup




How do I enable access to new and existing Clients?

New Client:

  1. Select Add New Client on the Advisor Dashboard.

  1. Pop-Up Screen populates for you to start adding in the client’s information and where we will enable Client Portal Access and change Client Setting within the Client Portal.


Existing Client

  1. Open your Client List, which can be found under the Client Management section in the left navigation
  2. Select the Client you want to set-up the client portal access for.
  3. Once the “Quick View” page opens select “Edit Client” link under the Client Options section.


Once on appropriate Screen, we can enable access.

1. Enable the Client portal in the top right by selecting the yes “radio” button

2. Screen will now show you where to add in the clients Username and Temporary Password.

NOTE: We recommend that you use a valid e-mail address for the User Name. All new clients are required to change their password the first time they log in.


3. At your convenience, send your client an email providing them with

  • URL to the login page (if you have a custom login page, provide them that)
  • The Username and Temp. Password you entered during set up.


Changing Client Settings

  1. You are also able to enable and disable certain modules for your client on the bottom of pop-up.
  2. Under Client Settings make sure that we have New Client Portal radio button selected.
  3. Select Widgets will allow you to enable and disable certain modules for your client.
  4. Select a start Page, Change the Page a customer lands on when they sign into the site.
  5. Then remember to select Ok on the bottom right hand corner to save the changes.

Change Username and Password

  1. Once access is established you can change the client’s username, unlock their account, or change their password by selecting the client and under Client Options selecting Edit Client.

Monitor Client Access

  1. When logging into the site you are placed on the advisor dashboard where you can see Recent Client Logins.



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