Adding and Editing Beneficiaries


Beneficiaries for a client or their spouse can be specified on a per scenario basis. Each scenario can be set to have different beneficiaries.

To add Beneficiaries you must open a scenario and browse to the Worksheets > Client Data > General Information tab.

From here you can add as many beneficiaries as you like by clicking on the Edit Beneficiaries button located at the bottom of the Personal Information section.


NOTE: Adding a beneficiary to one scenario does not update all existing scenarios. Also, adding a child as a beneficiary creates a student for that child. Conversely, adding a student will add that person as a child and as a beneficiary.

IMPORTANT: The system needs a default beneficiary for the Estate module to function properly. The default beneficiary is the Estate.
We recommend you edit the default beneficiary before adding any others to the plan. 
You cannot delete the default beneficiary. 
Having a charity or estate as the beneficiary on an account will reflect the transfer of the asset on death of the owner as a charitable gift for estate purposes.

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