Setting up a Roth conversion


ROTH conversion is one of the strategies that can be set up in the system.  Strategies allow the user to illustrate the impact of an action on the plan and the possible pros and cons.

Strategies are created and viewed from the Dynamic Plan - Retirement - Strategies tab in the Controls section at the bottom of the charts.  (Quick View)

To add a ROTH conversion strategy you will need to have at least one 401K or Traditional IRA in the system. If you don't, the system will not be able to create the strategy.  If you do, the system will prompt you to choose a source account, and a destination.  If you do not have a Roth IRA set up already, the system can create one for you.


The set up screen looks like this:

Choose a source from amongst the qualified accounts in the system.

Choose a destination amongst the existing Roth Accounts, or create a new one from here.

Choose a dollar amount or a percent of balance to be transferred.

Defer Taxes (this option is outdated and will soon be removed).

Choose the time frame during which this conversion has to occur.

Choose the frequency with which the conversion will occur within the specified time frame.


Once the strategy is set up you can see its impact on the plan from the Strategies tab. You can also create multiple strategies and stack  them.


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