Adding Liabilities



Once launched into a client’s scenario, please follow the below path. 

Client Data -> Assets and Liabilities -> Add (either at the top of screen or the bottom of the screen)

Clicking the “Add” button will generate a popup that asks for the type, name, owner, beneficiary and contingent beneficiary of the liability.  



The available liability types are as follows and you can further define the liability that you are trying to add as well:


Home Equity

Credit Card

Education Loan

Business Loan

Personal Loan


Other Liability


Once the liability is added, you can include the terms of the liability that you have created. You can select the start date for paying off the liability, the interest rate, the amount of the liability, the payment amount and frequency of payment can be entered.  This is also where you can indicate if a liability will be paid off at the first death of the client. 


This will generate a graph on the client’s ability to pay off that liability.



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    We manage brokerage assets that are titled in a client's trust.  If I input this account as  a trust under "other assets," I cannot break down asset allocations.  Is there a downside affecting estate planning if I input trust assets as a investment asset?  Any suggestions?