Adding Client/Spouse Annual Salary


Salary for a client or their spouse is specified on a per scenario basis. Each scenario can be set to have different salary values and schedules.

To set a salary, create a new scenario, or open an existing one. Then navigate to the Worksheets - Client Data - General Information tab.

At this point, you’ll be able to specify a salary in current dollars, as well as what the annual rate increase will be.

To specify a custom salary schedule, click on the Details button in the Client Annual Income section.

From this point, click the Use Schedule button. If you enter a percentage into the Increase Rate section, you can enter a salary in one of the years, and press the tab key, and all years below will adjust for this percent increase.

Or, you can enter a salary for a year, press the enter key, and only that year will be updated.

NOTE: Customizing the salary schedule in one scenario does not update all existing scenarios. 

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