Adding a Guaranteed Living Benefit



A Guaranteed Living Benefit can be entered for Deferred Annuities, Traditional IRA’s and Roth IRA’s on the platform. To add a guaranteed living benefit, first locate your client's account on the Assets & Liabilities tab in the Client Data worksheet.  

If you need to add the account manually, select the Add a New Investment Account button at the bottom of the Assets & Liabilities tab and select the account type from the drop down:



Once the account has been created: Select the edit button next to the account to open the Account Details section. Once opened, select the Advanced tab at the top. Under the Yearly Distribution Options section on the Advanced tab, check off the box labeled ‘This account has a Guaranteed Living Benefit’



After selecting the Guaranteed Living Benefit box, you will need to add the annual dollar amount distribution in the column to the right, this will inform the system when to begin the distribution and in what amount. Once the account balance reaches zero, the applied guaranteed living benefit will begin in the plan.



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