Adding a Pension


Pensions can be added from the Worksheets--Client Data--Cash Flow/Goals tab under Retirement Benefits section.  

Select the ‘add’ button to enter the pension information.


Enter in pertinent information in the pension detail’s box that subsequently comes up.

Information that can be added includes

  • The owner
  • Pension name
  • Is the pension adjusted for inflation once it starts
    • It can also be set up to adjust at a fixed rate as well
  • Add in the annual amount for the pension benefit
  • Set when the pension will start paying out
  • The state tax buttons determine if the pension income is subject to a state tax
  • Survivor benefit determines if the pension benefits will be passed on to the beneficiary once the primary owner of the pension dies
  • Proration options determine the first month the pension will occur and the last month it will end.



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    Jim Dew

    I am trying to add a pension under "Other Income" but I don't see a way to show a reduced Spousal Continuation.  How do I do that?  Thanks.