Report Features


While inside a scenario for a client, you can select the Report icon at the top of the platform to jump into the reports section:

From here, you can begin customizing your report package for the scenario you created for the client. Under Step 1, you will be able to select which overall report packages you want to show the client. You can choose from the Standard Reports to show details on the current scenario, or you can select Comparison Reports to show a comparison between the current scenario and other scenarios for the client: 


Once you select the overall report package, you can begin customizing the package by unchecking any reports you don’t want included as well as rearrange the order of the reports using the Move Up and Move Down arrows. Once you have the reports arranged to your liking, you have the option to preview, print or manage the report - all can be done by selecting to Preview Report (pictured top right).

You can also create custom report sections. Select the blue button labeled Custom Selections. From here, you will need to select the blue Add button at the top right:

This will populate the section where you can enter the section name, section title and include the content.

Once saved, you will notice a new section labeled Custom Report Section where you can check the box next to the report you created. Then you can rearrange the report by using the Move Up or Move Down arrows in the same process as report sections that are pre-populated in the system. 

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