Other Expenses/Goals


Other Expenses / Goals

In some scenarios of a client’s financial plan, the need to enter in other expenses will arise. An “Other Expense” could be a Real Estate Tax, a planned vacation or travel expenses, or even a purchase of a new vehicle or other large expenditure.


To enter in an “Other Expense”, navigate to the Cash Flow / Goals tab and click on the button “Other Expenses” under the Living Expenses / Income Section. Can be accessed in Cash Flow Mode. 

Fig. 1

You can then add a new expense or modify an existing one. To modify an existing “Other Expense” click on the edit button, to add a new “Other Expense” click on the “Add” button.

Fig. 2

When you add a new “Other Expense” you will be brought to the following screen where you can enter in further details of the expense. Here you will be able to enter in the Expense General Info, the Amount Detail and the Duration of the expense.


  • General Info – You can enter in the name of the expense and designate the owner of the expense. You can also categorize the expense in order to quickly identify expenses in any reports generated.
  • Amount Detail – Here you can specify the amount of the expense as well as any increases in amount. * The blue “I” icon will give you additional information in regards to the amount entered.
  • Duration – This will allow you to specify the repetition of the expense annually as well as the time frame the expense will occur. ***The question mark that says help in the lower left corner will give you additional information on how to fill out this section of the “other Expense”.

If you click on the “Show Advanced Options >” in the top right corner, you will be brought to the Advanced Options screen.

Fig. 4

The Advanced Options screen is where you can designate the Planning options as well as any Insurance Planning parameters.

  • Planning Options - allows you to choose and Expense Priority Level, this is useful in order to show what expenses you can live without in the dynamic plan. For example, an “Other Expense” such as a vacation might be an expense priority level 2, something that is desired but not necessary. Whereas a new vehicle might have an expense priority level 1, something that is necessary.
  • Insurance Planning – You will be able to indicate here when the expense terminates based on the events selected from the drop down menus.     



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