Other Income


Adding other income(s):

Other income is added on the Cash Flow/Goals tab under the client data worksheet. Only available in Cash Flow Mode. 

Click the ‘Other Income’ Button, and then select the ‘Add’ button to begin adding in other income streams, and its corresponding data.


  • Give the income a name and select its category, IE existing (Generic Income) or give it a custom name.
  • In the Amount Detail section specify the yearly amount in current dollars or future dollars.
    • Future dollars will adjust the specified amount based on inflation or a custom percentage increase for the year the income begins.
  • In the duration section the user specifies how often this income steam is repeated on a yearly basis.
  • The user also specifies how long this income stream is going to last.


In the advanced options section, 

the user can specify the following:

  • If the income will be discretionary
  • Whether the income will be subject to taxes
  • What will happen in the event of the clients death
    • IE does the income stream get passed on to the primary beneficiary
  • User can also specify where the income is deposited
    • Default is taxable savings account
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