TD Ameritrade FAQ


1.        Is there something that I need to do for the setup from my side to make the integration work? There is nothing needed to be done on your side

2.       Does this work behind the scenes or a month from now when I need the data to come into the client, do I have to do something to get the data?  You don't need to get data, TD Ameritrade will provide all clients and accounts nightly for the rep codes that FinanceLogix has been given permission to receive.

3.       If you have several different scenarios for a particular client, does it update all scenarios, or just the current one?  All integrated accounts get loaded into every scenario.

4.       When we add new clients, do we have a process to integrate them, or will they integrate automatically by recognizing the social security number? The TD Ameritrade clients will map by social security, if the social is not in FinanceLogix already, it will create a new client.  If the client already exists but didn't have a social security, you can merge clients under another client in FinanceLogix.

5.       If we have the client already set up and have manually input the investments using the ticker symbols, will the integrated data override that or duplicate what we have in there? There will be duplicate accounts, you can either hide the integrated account on load or remove the other manual account from the scenario.  On the initial load from TD Ameritrade, all accounts will need to be reviewed and assigned the correct FinanceLogix account type and either hidden or imported into FinanceLogix.  This can be done from the Import account screen in the Integrations section. Also, when you log into FinanceLogix and if there are any outstanding un-imported accounts it will take you to this page.

6.       If we don’t have a client set up that comes over from TD, will it give me an error, or come up somewhere that allows me to connect it or set the client up?  The client will be created if the client doesn't exist or can't match on social.  TD only has account registrations, so there will be no household like in FinanceLogix.  You may need to merge clients together after they are created if they are in the same household.

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    Does this work on an "all or none" basis?   In other words, can I designate certain select clients to be created in FLGX or am I obligated to important everyone that my firm has with this custodian?

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    It is an "all" basis.