Disability and LTC Insurance


How to add both policies:

  • Select the client and the scenario.
  • Click on “Insurance” tab under the “Worksheets” from the left hand side bar.
  • Client on “Edit” or "Add" under “Disability and Long Term Care Insurance Policies” to add the policy.
  • It can also be created under the “Assets and Liabilities” tab in Client Data.



Enter policy data:


  • For Disability Insurance:
    • Benefit Amount
    • Benefit Duration
    • Premium
    • Years to pay premium
    • Mark if the benefits are taxable


  • For Long Term Care:
    • Enter the Premium Amount
    • Tax Deductibility
    • Benefit Amount
    • Benefit Duration
    • LTC Expense
      • Amount, Start Age, Adjust for Inflation, Amount Frequency, and Years of Care.

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