When and How to Contact Support


Prerecorded webinars and how to videos are available by clicking on the following links:

  1. How to videos: http://www.financelogix.com/MediaLibrary/HowToVideos.aspx
  2. Prerecorded webinars: http://www.financelogix.com/MediaLibrary/RecordedWebinars.aspx

The Finance Logix software also contains a Support tab/button located on the bottom left side of the screen pages where you can submit inquiries regarding problems and/or questions on the platform with screenshots to display the specific issue. When you submit the question using the Support feature, it will initiate a ticket for Support to communicate with you. We encourage you include as much information as possible when submitting a ticket so we can resolve your inquiry as quickly as possible.

  • Screenshot of the issue
  • The advisor and client’s name
  • Name of the scenario (if applicable)
  • Any account information (if applicable)

For additional support, please call the Finance Logix Platform Consultant Group for assistance. The number is 800-557-1780 Ext 2. We are available to speak with you Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST.

Last, we kindly request you call us with ample time for us to research your issue. Please leave a couple of days to review your clients’ scenarios prior to any meetings.

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