Setting Plan Taxes


Setting Plan Taxes

First navigate within a client's plan to Worksheets > Client Data > Cash Flow/Goals > Income Taxes


Within the Income Taxes section, there is the ability to change the tax assumptions and calculation mode multiple times throughout the plan. This is achieved by adding “tax periods” and the opportunity to change the Federal, State and Capital Gains rates in each period. Any tax period that begins at a later date will supersede any previous tax period.

For Federal Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, the user can choose to set a flat rate, or let the system compute it automatically, based on the marginal tax calculations by settings it to “Auto”.

If the client/spouse is self-employed:

In order to ensure the proper taxes are applied to your clients’ situation, there is an option in the software to label either the client or spouse as self-employed. In order to set this feature, open your client's current scenario, and navigate to the Worksheets tab located on the left. Click to expand this tab, and select the link titled Client Data. Once on this screen, select the third tab at the top titled Cash Flow/Goals and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Underneath Income Taxes, select the click here hyperlink at the top of the page to edit the filing status or advanced schedules for advanced tax mode. Once this option is selected, a pop-up window will appear titled Federal Income Tax Overview. Each one of these overview sections will allow you to either "Review" or edit "Details" for each of the elements shown. At the bottom of this window, there are two check-boxes which allow you to select whether the client, spouse, or both are self-employed. The software will then apply the relevant income tax data.

This advanced section also allows for the addition of exemptions, deductions, adjustments, and other tax scenarios:


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