Liquidating an Asset


Worksheets --> Client Data --> Assets/Liabilities --> Edit  

If a client intends to sell a property-asset or real-estate holding at a predetermined future date, that data can be input in the software to accurately predict future income and expenses from the property.

In order to correctly account for this, open your client's current scenario. Under the Worksheets tab on the left, select Client Data from the drop down options. Once on this screen, select the second tab at the top titled Assets/Liabilities. Under the listed assets, there will be a category titled Other Assets below where the insurance policies are listed. If the client's real-estate has already been input, it will appear in this section. Once the real-estate in question has been located from the list, click on the small button next the Red "X" at the end of the asset entry.

This is an edit button and will open a pop-up window with the information corresponding to the selected asset. In the box in the top right of this window, select the tab titled Liquidate Asset. Check the box titled Sell Asset, and then enter in the corresponding information. The software will ask for the Current Basis, the Estimated Sale Price, and the Estimated Sale Year. Once the data is all input, simply click the blue OK at the bottom of the window and all of the changes will be saved and reflected in the client's long term scenarios. 



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