The Advisor Dashboard


The Advisor Dashboard is your main landing page when you log into Finance Logix. From this page you have quick access to all of your management tools like the "Client Profiler", the "Opportunity Finder", and the "Client Breakdown".

This intuitive interface allows you work with your book of clients efficiently while keeping you informed of relevant information such as which clients have logged in recently, which ones have made changes to their profile, and which ones have experienced aggregation errors.

We are now employing the use of hyperlinks, shown in "blue text", to open contextual popup windows. For example, clicking on the name of a client in either the "Recently Modified" or "Recent Logins" sections will open the Client Breakdown popup. Look for this "blue text" throughout the application for new ways to interact with your client data.

Advisor Dashboard Sections
Management Options

Use this button to add new clients to the system. This will take you directly to the Add Client Screen
You can search by any part of a client's first and last name. If you simply want to go to the complete client's list, click on the button or on the hyperlink under the search field.
Click on the hyperlinks inside of the button to navigate to those screens. You can access the Integrations page, the Client Profiler, and the Opportunity Finder.

Recently Modified Clients and Recent Client Logins

In this section you can click on the client's name to open up the Client Breakdown window, or click on the preset views at the bottom of the grid to open the Client List screen filtered accordingly.

System Report

If any of your clients experience aggregation errors, you will see the number of clients listed here. Clicking on the number will open a popup with the list of clients. From there you can select a client name and view a list of the errors for that client.

Client Breakdown (Quick View)

This new screen can be accessed from anywhere you see the name of the client in "blue text" this includes all of the Client List screens and the Dashboard. On this screen you can see the breakdown of your client's assets by various groupings: aggregated accounts vs. non-aggregated accounts, what each group's allocation is and how it is broken down by asset type.

This data is calculated every night for your convenience, but at any time during the day you can request an update (by pressing the update button at the top right), which will look at any new accounts for the client added during the day, their holdings, and any update to the holdings of aggregated accounts.

At the top of the screen you will find a series of actionable links: Scenario Options and Client Options.

Scenario options:

  • Open Current Scenario – open the scenario marked current for the client.
  • View Scenario List – view the list of scenarios for the client.
  • View Aggregation Errors – view the list of aggregation errors for the client.

Client Options:

  • Edit Client – opens the Edit Client details screen, from which you can change their user name, reset their password, publish or un-publish dynamic results,enable or disable aggregation.
    Add or remove  if you purchased this option.
  • Delete Client – to delete the client and all of the scenarios associated with it.
  • Manage Accounts – opens an account list where you can specify which of the client's accounts are under your management.
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