Scenario Snapshot


This screen allows you to view key details of the selected client’s financial situation. It has four main sections: (1) Net Worth, (2) Current Living Expenses, (3) Goal's status, and (4) Account Holdings.




Net Worth: In this section you can see the summary break down of the assets and liabilities in the plan. For a more visual summary we included a pie chart.

Current Living Expenses: This section gives you a snapshot of the cash flow for the current year highlighting any disposable income for possible investment strategies. This section can also be viewed in the Cash Flow/Goals page of the Client Data section.

Goal’s Status: In this section you can see at a glance the status of three of the major modules in the application: Retirement, Education, and Insurance.

Current Holdings: This table lists all of the holdings in the investment accounts for the current plan. This does NOT include real estate properties, trusts, businesses, or any Other Asset.


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